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MLS News & Updates

We are pleased to announce that you may now access realtor.com directly from the FGCMLS dashboard.

ALL-NEW AGENT PROFILES –Make a stunning first impression with a beautiful, portable profile that works on desktop and on mobile!  Connect with more online buyers and sellers – More consumers find their agent on realtor.com than any other site – get your profile today and start connecting!

What do you want consumers to see about you?

Listing Agents

New agent profiles on realtor.com® ensure you are easily discoverable by consumers searching for your expertise online. Plus, you’ll increase visibility for your experience, certifications and local knowledge.

Buyers Agents

New agent profiles on realtor.com® ensure you are easily discoverable by consumers searching for your expertise online, and increasing the visibility for your experience, certifications and local knowledge. If you are an agent who mainly represents buyers, you now have the ability to showcase your specialties and activity.

Agents with a Mix

Because FGCMLS is providing realtor.com, the new agent profile now includes past transactional data. If you both buy and sell, this provides a comprehensive view of your recent activity.


Teams benefit from the profile’s inclusion of individual bios consumers can easily navigate to view team members.

New Agents

With a robust recommendation engine that is not tied to past clients, newer agents can showcase their professionalism with recommendations from business associates, friends, family and others.


RealRating™ and review content on realtor.com® profiles also will be available for syndication to broker websites, creating consistency of consumer-viewed content as they view agent information on multiple websites.

Power up your profile now!

Have you ever received a warning or a fine from the MLS?  It’s not fun! However, issuing warnings and fines for rule violations is essential to maintain an accurate database.

Real Estate professionals succeed the most when we work together. And to do that, we need to agree on a set of reasonable ground rules.

The Florida Gulf Coast MLS works diligently each month to ensure that your MLS data is accurate and is being used in a professional, honest manner by all our Subscribers and Technology Companies.  This article discusses some ways to ensure that the listing agent and office receive any Data Checker notifications for their listings, and tips to avoid getting a fine.

RPR product integrations keep REALTORS® efficient and give them the ability to offer their clients valuable information. Collaborating with AARP is a textbook example of the latter.

The AARP Livability™ Index is now displayed on the RPR website and mobile app through its Property Details pages as well as within the Neighborhood page. It’s also featured in four RPR reports, including the: Property Report, Mini Property Report, Neighborhood Report and Seller’s Report.


Digital images are an important part of marketing a home and help to showcase the features of properties listed in the Florida Gulf Coast MLS.    Please take a moment to review the MLS policies on digital images to learn WHEN a photo is required and WHAT kinds of photos are not permitted.

The Florida Gulf Coast MLS photo policies can be found in the Rules and Regulations by clicking here.    These policies are written and approved by the FGCMLS Board of Directors based on input from our local REALTOR members, discussion and research by the MLS Committee, and following guidelines set forth by the National Association of REALTORS.  


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